About Us

Sophisca, Taiwan’s very first specialty candy brand, started in 1997 and has since established itself as Taiwan’s beloved and top confectionery retailer. Dubbed “A Sweet Place for Sweethearts”,Sophisca’s saccharine staples are an array of candied fruits, soft bonbons, chocolates and more— products of their maker’s quirkiest and wildest imagination!

All Sophisca’s products are designed and manufactured in the brand’s very own factories located in Nantou, Taiwan. They are ISO 2002 and HACCAP certified, so quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.

The name ‘Sophisca’ stands for “smile”, “oishi” (meaning “delicious” in Japanese), “personable”, “high quality”, “international presence”, “care” and “artlessness”, referring to the unbridled creativity of the team behind the brand.